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The How-tos of Registering a Trademark for the Name of Your Company

If you are starting out a company and you want to own and fully use your company name, then what you need to do is to register a trademark for it. The good thing with these days is that it gives you a super easy way to do the trademark registration. But how does the process go or what you do you need to do first? Well, that is exactly what this article is for. Kindly read on to the next few parts of this article in order to get your quick guide to registering a trademark for your company name.

The How-tos of Registering a Trademark for the Name of Your Company


These days, it will not be a difficult thing for you to look for ways to trademark register the name of your company. The steps involved may even be very simple. This is completely the opposite of the old times where you have to really wait for long hours and sometimes, even days, just to be able to finish the trademark registration of your company. At this time, the process has gone very speedy that you may only have to take about 90 minutes of your time to start and complete the process of registering your company name for a trademark. The easiest and perhaps the quickest manner you can try to register your company name for a trademark is to be in the official website of the patent and trademark office.


Before you can proceed to the registration process, it is completely imperative for you to do a checking first if there is another company who has already trademark registered your company name. If the name has already been used, then it only means that you have to figure out a different name for your firm. To do the checking, you can visit the Trademark Electronic Search System (“TESS”) database that is just right in the website. The first entity to register for a particular name and mark is the one considered to be entitled for its ownership. If you think that you have just been late in the registration and it is really yours, then you can connect with a lawyer.


If you choose to register a trademark online for your company name, mark or logo, you will probably be needing to pay in between $275 and $325. However, there are some other information that will be required of you like the date of the first use of the name and the mark and also the category under which your goods and services do belong. Basically, it is nice to have your logo or mark registered before you utilize it.

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