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Four Tips to Help You Learning Making Different Origami Shapes

Origami is an ancient art, but it is still practiced in the modern days. Origami remains one of the oldest arts in practice in the modern times, yet a lot of people do not know it. Origami might appear complicated but with guidance and frequent practice, you can master how to fold various things that you can imagine. As much as you can enjoy the art of origami, it is also essential for decorative purposes and adds beauty in different settings. If you would like to know how to make origami, the following steps are crucial.

Find an appropriate paper – Not every paper that you come across qualifies for origami craft, and there are special papers for this purpose and they are different in multiple aspects. He origami papers come in different thicknesses and colors to suit the preference of various artists. Amateur artists should select light papers which fold quickly and simple to rectify in case you make a mistake. Thick papers are the best for origami, and they are costly and should not be wasted, and for that matter, it is only professionals who use them. Color selection is also crucial if you intend to use origami shapes for decoration purpose. Although you can use a single color, it is recommendable to use a mix of colors to add flair your art.

Learn from the internet and other tutorials – The internet is resourceful, and it contains almost any information that you might need. While you can get books that teach about origami, videos are the best tutorial because you see how it is done. Complex origami such as making a dragon can be cumbersome, and you can learn it easily through videos. Therefore, before you rush to purchase a tutorial, it is best to think the ease of learning origami using the tutorial. Additionally, numerous websites on the internet also offer tutorials on origami.

Learn the simple origami designs – In learn origami, it is preferable that you start with the simple designs that are easy to master. Advanced designs are complex, and you will have to pass through the basic designs before you tackle them. The simple designs usually have approximately 11 folds which beginners can easily master. To master them, you have to practice regularly. Basic designs might include origami box, origami plane, origami boat and origami parrot. Try the sophisticated designs – After you have learned the basics of origami, should try the complex designs which have more folds. Such design might include dragon, frog, lotus, and crane. As you begin, you might find it sophisticated, but through patience and persistence, you will learn one after another and the advanced origami designs might have up to 18 folds.

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